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Insurance Information

The majority of insurance companies in the tri-state area reimburse for homebirth if they cover maternity services. It is your responsibility to contact your company and work out the details with them. In New York State the insurance law requires insurance companies to pay for the services of a midwife, of which homebirth is included. Click here for NY State insurance information.

Purchasing a Birth Kit

Birth with Love.com

Water Birth

I have a few pools for rent. These ‘Birth Pools in a Box’ are inflatable, deep and comfortable. I have two sizes, the mini and the regular. Each pool comes with an electric air pump, click here for the instruction booklet.The custom fit liner needs to be purchased from YourWaterBirth.com.You will need need to purchase a hose and the adaptor for your faucet. The above link has a 25’ and 50’ hoses, adaptors and other useful items for sale. Please choose the combination of things you will need, and feel free to call me with questions. If you prefer you can also purchase a pool with a heating system from the same link, YourWaterBirth.com.